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What is 

New Path Adventures?

At-risk teens, troubled youth and their respective parent(s) or caregiver(s) make up a unique people group in the realm of ministry. To be effective in ministering to this people group and helping them to navigate their lives (physical, emotional and spiritual), requires purpose and specific focus on their needs and circumstances. Many times they are unaware of the dangers in their life and unless there is someone to intervene they may continue down a very destructive path.

New Path Adventures desires to intervene and provide small-group and personalized adventure-based experiences in the lives of these at-risk adolescents in order to introduce them to life-changing truths and principles from the Word of God, with the intent to rescue, restore and reach the next generation for Christ.

Along with this focus of helping the at-risk youth, New Path Adventures will also strive to be a part of the support network in each youth’s life, working with their parent(s) and/or caregiver(s) in order to offer guidance and direction to move forward with the youth following their experience with New Path Adventures.

Each year NPA grows and adapts its programs in an effort to stay relevant and effective, as well as continued focus on staff training and readiness.