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You Just Never Know

Every month of April, I enjoy one of the greatest and rewarding adventures in my life. I have the privilege to plan and ride in New Path Adventures’ Ride to REACH.RESCUE.RESTORE or RTR3. A multi-day ride across the great state of Texas, fully supported and functions as the primary fund-raiser for scholarships for NPA’s wilderness program for at-risk teens.

Each day of the ride is met by physical, emotional and spiritual challenges, and I have never ended the ride as the same person that I was when I began the ride. An experience like that will change you. The time spent with other riders and the caring support crew will change you. 7 – 10 days of riding every day anywhere from 70 – 105 miles will give you an honest look into your character, heart and soul. And what a great time to hear God’s voice through His creation, the daily devotional challenges and conversations with the team. Priceless.

One of the by-products of this experience is the great physical conditioning that comes from putting in the effort necessary to complete each day’s mileage goals. This conditioning really helps me with the upcoming demands of backpacking for 12 days on the Colorado Trail with the youth receiving these sponsorships raised through this ride across Texas.

With each year, I wonder how many more years this old body will be able to keep doing this, and this year I had to admit that it was making me tired. Fast forward from the ride in early April to mid- July and my realization, reflection and reason for sharing this blog…

I have a friend living in another country and we use the same phone app to track our runs. I would see her postings come up almost daily, April has completed a run… April has completed a run… and my status remained inactive for 3 months. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I had thought about running many, no, most days, during that 3 month period, but never did what it takes to actually get out there and run. Not until this morning – once again I received the update status of April out on another run. That was it, it finally clicked. And it really wasn’t that hard to do, I had all my running gear together for the last month, thinking that any moment I would break the silence that I had invoked upon the trails and their call in my heart.

She did not realize it, but her consistency was what it took to get me through this obstacle that I had been reinforcing for day after day, then week after week, until I had finally woven this into months of my life.

I realized as I ran that it has been foolish of me to ignore the calling of the trail. I love everything about being out there running through the trees, tall grass, up and down the sandy or rocky slopes along the creek. It is one of the best stress relievers and times of prayer and meditation on God’s Word that I have in my life. Why did this take me so long?

Now this brings me back to my primary reason for running in the first place – to reflect on my spiritual walk and relationship with God. What kind of impact could my life be having on another person if I am consistent in my walk with God and my study and reading of His precious Word? How would my consistency in my prayer life affect another person? I may never know, and April may never know how she helped me to get out there and run again, but the difference has been made.

I am challenged to remain consistent in my life, not knowing what my

A Place To Think

life I might mean to another. If you do something well, something good, something positive in your life – keep doing it, you just never know who is watching…