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Weaving Cancer Into Life

No one wants cancer in their life and the moment it is recognized we do all we can to eradicate it - remove it - destroy it! So why in the world would I even be thinking about weaving cancer into my life?

Life is an adventure and although we have a broad swathe for how we will live it and what we will do with it, there are some events and circumstances that are out of our hands, and we never have the opportunity to vote on them. Cancer is one of those factors.

So when it visits, what do you do with it? I am writing about this now, here on this ministry/program page, in order to illustrate something about cancer (or any other suffering you may face). You either let it define you and distract you from who you really are, or you decide to grow from it and use the experience to continue to transform you in order to accomplish the goals and passions that you have for your life.

Rather than asking "why" is this happening? etc., we are asking "what" do I need to learn, and "what" do I need to change? I cannot separate my life circumstances from my walk and relation with God. If God has approved this chapter for our lives, then it must be for good, because everything from God is good.

So we need to learn to weave this into our lives, rather than recoil from it. Oh we will continue to fight it and look for it's complete riddance one day, but in the process, we will seek the changes that need to be made in our lives.

One thing that is becoming clear is that with this ministry focused on youth, we are being given the opportunity to show them an example of how to handle the really tough battles in life. My wife and I have walked with God for far too long to doubt His goodness now. Therefore we should be good examples for the next generation of how to handle life's painful moments and suffering.

There is not one single life ever lived that has not been touched by some form of pain and suffering - we need to learn how to handle it correctly. There are many ways that young people handle pain, and generally speaking, they do not handle it well. Suicide. Drug abuse. Alcohol abuse. Depression. Cutting. Anger. Violence. Bullying. Run-aways. And the list can go on. It is possible to have pain and suffering and maintain purpose and peace. That possibility is rooted in a relationship with God as your Heavenly Father, because of the death, burial and resurrection of His Son, Jesus Christ.

Until this cancer is destroyed and the battle is over, our lives and our ministry will not cease, but rather cancer will now become another catalyst, another opportunity for God to do what only He can do in a life - bring purpose and peace that goes beyond the circumstances of life.

The greatest adventure of all? Walking with God and trusting His character, promises and word. #wetrusthim